nmap options :

nmap operating system match scan for googles dns
nmap -O
Scan all 65535 ports:
nmap -p-
TCP SYN and UDP scan for all ports
nmap -sS -sU -PN -p 1-65535
Scan for UDP DDOS reflectors ? try
nmap -sU -A -PN -n -pU:19,53,123,161 -script=ntp-monlist,dns-recursion,snmp-sysdescr

wireshark trough ssh :
ssh "tcpdump -i pppoe-wan -w - 'not port 2'" | wireshark -k -i - <-> wireshark trough ssh with pipe , w big packets
ssh "tcpdump -i pppoe-wan -s0 -w - 'not port 2'" | wireshark -k -i - <-> wireshark trough ssh with pipe , with small packets

manual ip traffic inspection
ip_conntrack for & ipv4 nf_conntrack for ipv6
cat /proc/net/ip_conntrack
cat /proc/net/nf_conntrack

Sed replacement of special characters (and normal)
sed 's/\-/:/g' oui.txt >> ouioui.txt
sed -i 's/geteuid/getppid/' /usr/bin/vlc

Set download bandwitdth limit of eth2 to 0,5 mb with 32kbit burst and drop all later packets than 400 ms
tc qdisc add dev eth2 root tbf rate 512kbit burst 32kbit latency 400ms


fun adb commands:

adb shell am start -n com.android.chrome/com.google.android.apps.chrome.Main -d "www.facebook.com"

generic_x86:/ $ pm list packages -f

130|generic_x86:/ $ pm clear com.google.android.youtube

generic_x86:/ $ pm dump com.android.calculator2 | grep -A 1 MAIN
b91fd0a com.android.calculator2/.Calculator filter 84c5cb
Action: "android.intent.action.MAIN"
Category: "android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"

generic_x86:/ $ am start -n com.android.calculator2/.Calculator
Starting: Intent { cmp=com.android.calculator2/.Calculator }

adb shell "am start -a android.media.action.IMAGE_CAPTURE" && \
sleep 1 && \
adb shell "input keyevent 27"


adb shell screencap /sdcard/img.png
adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/video.mp4

When done recording, Ctrl+C.

Pull contacts :
adb shell content query --uri content://com.android.contacts/data --projection display_name:data1:data4:contact_id